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We are manufacturers of cable cutting and/or stripping machines


Do you want to cut, sharpen or cut cables or hoses?


Do you need a cable stripping or stripping tool?


Would you like to develop or process one of your products?


Are you looking for a machine for removing cables etc. and other material?


Are you looking for a machine for depositing different materials?


Do you need various accessories for your machine?

TEKUWA GmbH- Manufacturer of cable cutting and/or stripping machines

At the end of 1991, Ulrich Wagner founded today’s TEKUWA GmbH.
In 1993 the area was expanded to produce machines,
Special machines and machine lines with our own production program
for fully automatic wire and cable processing in the TEKUWA
integrated and constantly expanded.

TEKUWA GmbH can offer an extensive product range

around the stripping and cutting of materials such as cables, wires, Hoses, strands, corrugated pipes and much more. with the appropriate accessories for automatic feeding, unrolling, depositing and Use winding.

Today TEKUWA is one of the leading manufacturers of

assembly machines for the cable and plastics industry. Customers worldwide in cable processing include cable assemblies, Suppliers to the automotive and electrical industries and in the plastics sector hoses and profiles, the medical industry and plastic extrusion. Take a look around and discover our company!

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