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Prefeeder PF-121-30

Machine for pulling cable into insulating/corrugated pipe

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations

pf121 zufuehrgeraet

A flexible fiberglass rod wound in the storage drum is pushed into an insulating tube via the triple-bearing belt feeder driven on both sides.
The cable to be pulled in is attached to the fiberglass rod using a puller or other type of fastening.
The machine pulls the fiberglass rod back until the cable is pulled through the insulating tube. During the pulling process, the fiberglass rod is pushed back into the storage drum.
With the speed control with programmable acceleration and braking ramps, the machine can be adjusted to a wide variety of working methods.
Included in delivery is the storage drum for holding the flexible fiberglass rod with a length of 4-5m)

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• Asynchronous machine:                               (power max. 700 watts)

• Power supply:                                          220/230 V
• Power consumption:                                approx. 700 W

• Weight:                                                    approx. 60 kg

• The feed speed is controlled via a foot pedal.
• Using a switch, the running direction of the device can be adjusted between forward and backward.

The main setting parameters are:
• Soft start: 0.05 to 999 seconds from 0 to maximum speed
• Speed: 0 – approx. 3 m/sec
• Deceleration: 0.05 to 999 seconds from maximum speed to 0
• Length of fiberglass rod up to 30m

Machine overview

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