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DR 200

Made from sturdy aluminum profiles, 80 x 40 mm, stove-enamelled with sheet metal panels, storage wheels with ball bearings.

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.

Subject to technical alterations.


• Active unwinders for drums with a maximum diameter of 800 mm
and a maximum weight of 800 kg
• Ensures quick and tension-free feeding of cable for further processing on the main machine
• Height adjustment of the drum axis using a three-phase motor
• Electrically controlled drive using a three-phase motor with a frequency converter
• Adjustable speed and acceleration
• Pneumatically controlled dancer with end position cushioning and adjustable swivel speed
• Dancer’s storage capacity approx. 5 m

Mains connection:                                220/230 V: 1.5/2.2 kW

Drum size:                                 800 mm

Drive axle diameter: 75 mm

Drum weight:                          max. 800 kg

The cable drum is pushed onto the motorized axle, secured and raised by an electric motor.
An adjustable speed limit prevents the pneumatically controlled dancer from swinging out in a flash.
Depending on the position, the pendulum storage regulates the unwinding speed of the cable drum from 0 – 3 m/sec.

Machine overview

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