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Cutting and stripping machine with hydraulic cutting unit.
Compact electro-pneumatic cutting and stripping machine for cables of a bigger cross-section.

Stripping length

The maximum total stripping length 150 mm divided on one or both ends of the material

Processing diameter
20 mm

The machine is conform with the present and current CE-guide lines.
Subject to technical alterations.

• Fast and easy operating via the plastic foil keyboard

• Software includes item and job processing

• The installed Compact-Flash card of 128 MB permits to save up to:
– 99000 production programmes
– 300 jobs with up to 100 single positions

• Marking programme

• As standard the machine is equipped with short-circuit-proof interfaces for de-reelers, prefeeders,
coiling machines and stackers as well as marking units and ink-jets

• AC-servo positioning drive

• Parallel driven belt feed with drive measuring protected against overloading and with pneumatic opening
and closing device (optionally additional wheel measuring)

• Cutting unit: Hydraulic cutting cylinder with two V-cutting blades guarantees precise and unobstructed
cutting of materials of a Ø of up to 20 mm. The hydraulic energy is realized by
a pneumatic pressure converter

• Adjustable cutting force from 0 – 15000 N or 0 – 30000 N

• Clamping force pneumatically adjustable


Speed of belt feed: 0 – approx. 3 m/sec (depending on the material)

Power supply:                                220/230 V

Watt consumption:                       approx. 400 W

Air pressure:                                  6-10 bar

Noise emission:                            less than 75 dbA

Height:                                            650 mm
Width:                                             1240 mm
Depth:                                            700 mm

Weight:                                           approx. 120 kg

• Detection of material end

• Wheel measuring

Machine overview