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In addition to the processing machine, the selection of the correct feeding technology is crucial for production quality.
While feeding directly from rolls of material is often sufficient in simple applications, the demands on the device increase as quality and speed requirements increase.

We offer machines for pulling cables etc. and other material (strands, hoses, etc.) from drums weighing up to 250 kg (speed dependent), from barrels etc. for pull-free feeding to further processing machines or also a machine for pulling cables into Insulating/corrugated pipe.

A drum unwinder is a machine used to strip cables or other materials from drums to make them available to machines for further processing. It is able to handle drums weighing up to 250 kg (depending on speed) and can be powered by an electric motor.

With a drum unwinder, the cable drum is pushed onto the motorized axle, secured and raised by an electric motor.
An adjustable speed limit prevents the pneumatically controlled dancer from swinging out in a flash.

Our PF-250 is a powerful feeding device that is used to pull heavy cables and similar materials directly from the drum and feed them to further processing machines.

It is also no problem to pull cables directly into a corrugated pipe. Our PF-121-30 machine, which is ideally suited for this purpose, is used for this purpose.

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PF 121
PF 250 Zuführgerät
PF 250
DR 200
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